Captain Mike Leslie

“So far the Workboat Academy graduates that I have worked with have been excellent. Their course curriculum and ample entry level work experience while attending school combine to produce the most finished product that I have sailed with as of yet.”

Dr. Allen Glen, Dean Emeritus – University of Washington

“After careful review, this Workboat Academy Program is based on sound pedagogy and a careful consideration of the standards that must be met by the graduates. It is an intense, demanding program. Good! We want competent people on the bridge.”

Mr. Dale Sause, Owner – Sause Bros.

“It is our contention that graduates of the Workboat Academy entering our fleet may be the most well-rounded and thoroughly preparedmates available to the industry today.”

Captain Scott Manley, Director of Marine Operations – Harley Marine Services.

“Harley Marine Services is impressed and pleased with the Workboat Academy Cadets that we have so far. HMS as a whole feels that this is a very worthwhile program and we want to do all we can to make it a success.”