Workboat Academy Program

The Workboat Academy’s Deck Program offers a cost-effective way for passionate individuals that possess little or no maritime experience to earn highly sought after qualifications.

The Workboat Academy is a 28-month hybrid vocational program offered on our campuses at Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS) in Baltimore, Pacific Maritime Institute (PMI) in Seattle, and Houston Marine Training Services (HMTS) in New Orleans. Our alternating academic and sea phases make for greater retention of the material.              

We are looking for passionate, motivated individuals with a strong water-related interest and/or background who desire careers in the Maritime Industry. Our program is competitive, but for the right candidate it is a great opportunity.  We are proud of our retention rate; over 90% of our alumni remain, upon successful completion of the program, with the company with whom they apprenticed.    

The program schedule allows for ample time on the vessel, in the classroom, and personal time. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will hold a Mate 500/1600 GRT and an AB-Limited. Tugboat Apprentices will hold a Mate of Towing after completion of the Towing Officer’s Assessment Record Book.



“WBA-Baltimore alumni Kevin Dixon sails as a Mate on the OSV ‘Red Lab’ with Laborde Marine. Kevin has been approved to sit for his
Master 1600